About Us

Sunrise Capital is a private brokerage house established recently in July 2009. Today Sunrise Capital owned and managed by its Chief Executive Muhammad Azam khan and his faith full team of eligible directors. The team of Sunrise Capital includes 4 investment professionals as directors of the company, who together have vast and deep experience of private equity and its related issues.

Although Sunrise Capital has started recently but because of their strong skills and proper market pursue strategy has made them successful in starting trades under their banner. Sunrise capital has stepped forward in the stock trade firmly.

From the outset Sunrise Capital is operating on a consistent strategy of long term growth and Sunrise Capital believes that investments should be based upon sound business fundamentals. That’s why Sunrise Capital aimed to provide its investors with the returns above the market and provide every possible support to the specific management of the companies with which investment is done.

Sunrise capital has since emerged as a strong organization, with its head office in Karachi, Pakistan and looking forward for expanding their network as it will grow and currently having a team of over 30 people except the board of directors working with exceptional good fellow ship to deliver the most possible support to their clients from the association.