Client Profile

Our long distance experiences during previous job have convinced us that a firm is not only for those people who are wealthy. So our goal is set not as to make the Sunrise capital the largest firm in the country but we want a strong relation with our client associated with Sunrise Capital which would continuously grow with the time. Team is Sunrise capital is very much sensitive, intentional and straight forward for our working style, approaching strategy and philosophy.

Clients of Sunrise Capital share goals and expectations, which are compatible with the Sunrise Capital’s philosophy. Sunrise Capital clients are neither speculative nor high-risk investors. Rather, each is concerned with preserving capital, growing assets, and avoiding the myriad risks that abound in today’s investment environment. Our clients are well aware of the foolish act of prediction of the short term trend of stock market business and they are firmly focused on long term planning of stock business and its result.

Clients of Sunrise Capital come through the references of trusted and reputed people of stock business because they know very well about the working strategy of SRC. Our client belongs to different fields and multiple stages of life. At Sunrise Capital they find advice that is customized and relevant.