Customized Trading Solutions

We, being a registered member of KSE, we offer our client an efficient access to the most important stock market of Pakistan, Karachi stock exchange with the help of our customized trading solutions of our brokerage house, Sunrise Capital (Pvt.) Ltd.

We believe in adding the values to the client’s trust by leveraging them with our trading services, highly based upon our experience, extensive research, knowledge and skills. We are free and uncompromising in providing proper guideline to our customer for their trading affairs.

We always pursue long term profit and long lasting relation and accept only those number of projects which can permit us to work in a professional and way and can benefited from our trading solutions and expertise. We work with speed and try to produce trading solutions with complete confidentiality.

We provide our corporate advisory and fresh trading solutions for building up the superior values of business with best benefit scales with negotiation while transactions take place.