Efficient Execution

When a client placed his order, he would like to its execution as soon as possible and it must be executed successfully and efficiently. Placing an order means purchasing or selling of stock for required quantity at the most suitable price available in the market. For efficient execution of order, combined efforts of expert dealing skills, market expertise and diversified network of clients are needed. Large network of clients is the most important factor in order execution for broker, because if a broker have maximum number of clients then he can easily cross matches the order among his client which helps him to execute the order easily and quickly. Even in illiquid stock, he can make order execution in the vast network of clients.

A factor of integrity plays an important role in the order execution. Because some time it happened that conflict arise between clients and brokers interest which can delays the trading activity. So trading integrity must be acquired to receive efficient execution for the client at best market price. Client always take care of this factor while choosing a broker for his trading execution. With the help of market integrity a broker can win the confidence of his client and trading activity can be conducted with the mutual discussion of both the parties, clients and broker.