Important members of stock market

When you are buying any stock our selling or reselling it, you usually come in contact with your concerned stock broker who is representing you in the Karachi stock exchange market and doing trade there at your behalf. But if you have studied some financial papers regarding Karachi stock exchange business, you will see some more people who are playing key parts in the Karachi stock exchange business like market makers, regulators and many more. Let’s have a look upon these important pillars of Karachi stock exchange.


KSE is the main stock exchange of Pakistan which is established for the investors who are interested in investing their money in shares. KSE is well recognized as an investment exchange which means it is place for providing complete platform for investors to market their money.


Regulators are important part of KSE. They are available there to help you and protect you along with your money. Most important regulator of Pakistan is SECP. All those companies who are dealing in investment section mainly, they must have an authorization from SECP.


Any company who enlisted its share in KSE market then it must have its own registrar whose main responsibility is to keep all the legal records of the share holders as well as they also keep proven record of all the transaction made on the brokerage houses’ panel.