Sunrise Capital Private Limited is a privately owned independent company established recently in July 2009 to provide professinal intelleigece and financial advice from its head office in Karachi..

At the core, Sunrise Capital is a team of highly accomplished financial professionals with a range of skills and qualifications which enable us to advise confidently and competently on most aspects of portfolio management and associated financial planning issues including specialist areas.

Area of specialty of the team member of Sunrise Capital is the extraordinary Management of investment portfolios. Our clients are private individuals, family trusts, and corporate bodies. The services of Sunrise Capital are aimed at, but not limited to, financial institutions, corporate entities, industrialist, government bodies, local and international investors - seeking experience, professional guidance, advice and assistance int their decision making when faced with issues, which involve more than one professional.

Sunrise Capital does not work on a fixed retainer fee, but takes the initiative and the challenge to have the share of the profits which has been managed to gain in the future.