Mohammad Aslam Khan


He has one and half year experience of Sales Executive in Cooperate Sales Department of Cyber Net. Having strong and diversified academic background along with working experience of Cyber net he has earned immense knowledge of market trends, sales techniques and interpersonal skills. He was actively and efficiently involved in cooperate sales and surprisingly increased the client list on Cyber Net’s account through introducing innovative proposals and launching new products. His basic and strong marketing strategy of targeting correct audience has uplifted his career and enhanced his qualities even more. It was only his restless and conscious efforts which made his existence significantly at Cyber Net.

At present, Mr. Aslam has been leading SUNRISE Technologies as Chief Executive Officer successfully for last three years. SUNRISE Technologies deals in providing IT solutions in Cooperate sector. His imitable leadership persona, critical interpersonal skills and matured marketing capabilities have taken SUNRISE technologies towards progress & prosperity within a very short period of time and he successfully captured the big share of IT market business. He significantly influenced the market and secured reputable position in the world of IT.The success of SUNRISE Technologies can be appraised by realizing that the most popular industries, well known national companies and even multinational companies are SUNRISE Technologies’ respectable clients. He is professionally well versed in Sales & Marketing, Planning & budgeting, General Management, Communication & Interpersonal skills and Human Resources. His working limits are boundless; he has done many foreign tours of Europe and Middle East for business viewpoint that also gave him international exposure. He is an excellent trainer at work formally and informally and organizes many in-house training programs and workshops. Mr. Aslam is exclusively responsible for leading and managing SUNRISE Technologies keeping in view the professional approach in order to achieve operational and sales & marketing goals, and to shape future business directions.