Registering with KSE

When registering with KSE some important factors should be kept in mind and should fulfill all the requirements made by the Karachi stock exchange. Some of those are explained below;

Funding Source

  • Registering company should have the ability to grab as much investors as possible along with large scale of investment capital in Karachi stock exchange.
  • Capital can be increased by offering some more stocks if your investors have sufficient level of interest in investments in stock markets.
  • In the strict monitoring system, equity market along with high dept cost are considered as cost effective procedure for the companies to get more and more funds in stock markets.

Flexibility of Use

  • You need to hire some more staff and should expand your existing level of operations.
  • You can make use of Listed Shares known as "swaps" for acquisitions and merging in Karachi stock exchange; this would accelerate the local and global strategies for growth.
  • You must be able to become the reason of attraction and retention of high qualified resource if you are able to offer multiple stock options, bonuses, and all other specific incentives which are known in stock markets, more especially in the labor market.
  • KSE is considered as amongst lowest listing & yearly fees within the region.

Exiting Strategy

  • Current shareholders can sell easily their interests at the time of retirement, for manifold, or for any other kind of reason. A ready market is always available for the publicly listed companies.

Profile Building

  • Public attention can be raised by taking interest in media publicity.
  • Investment analyst coverage can provide a strong profile and better visibility on domestic level as well as on international level.

Finally, a more diversified investor of stock markets will take their interest in that company which is increasing share value.