SRC’s settlements teams are known for efficient back office operations and prompt response to client requests, particularly those relating to settlement transactions. The back end is supported by specialized in-house software and full time programming facilities to cater to upgrades undertaken by the Karachi Stock Exchange. The operational responsibilities of Sunrise capital for settlements are assigned to a core team headed by the departmental head, which has over 10 years of experience in the field.

SRC’s team provides its clients with a diverse set of services, including large block placements, identification of long-term stock investment opportunities based on fundamental research, short-term day trading recommendations based on technical analysis, details on company news and announcements, and updates on breaking news that would impact the stock market.


SRC provide all the related information and updates sometimes on weekly basis and sometimes on monthly with the help of its in house arranged commentary system which add some more value to the client’s profile and give them a clear picture of what and when and why is happening in the Karachi stock exchange, and provide them reviews about all the policies of government about stock exchanges which comes on the screen time to time.


Special services of Sunrise Capital on the management of portfolio will help you in understanding and evaluating your exposure in a better way. Qualified professionals’ team of experts of Sunrise Capital designs a solid Management Information System for our clients for protecting the profits and rewards which a client deserves.