Developments in the field of information technologies, telecommunications and networking have set new parameters and standards in the operations of stock market. These technologies have helped different organization to construct more sources with computational advantages. These standards have brought many innovations types of products and levels of services, which indirectly help us to built and develop new business opportunities.

Like all the other fields of life business of stock exchange has also felt the need of IT and realized its importance in the stock business sector. So with the passage of time, business of stock has also switched over the electronic system. And now, IT has become the vital part of stock trading.

SUNRISE CAPITAL believes that information Technology will keep on stimulating the trading business and organization as well for retaining matchless and times less satisfaction to the client. In recognition of the fact that technology will continue to redefine the shape of the securities industry, SUNRISE CAPITAL stresses on innovation and sustained investment in technology to remain ahead of competition.

In order to capitalize on in-house expertise in technology, SUNRISE CAPITAL set up a separate department which is expected to provide a platform for taking up all IT related assignments of SUNRISE CAPITAL.