Sunrise Capital works with integrity, to build confident relationship with our clients and provides valuable services with convenient, investment advice and research based services which make Sunrise Capital prominent in capital market. We have established internal ethical standards to maintain client, privacy belief and assurance.


To facilitate our clientele with the up to date knowledge of our stock market, we have appointed a team with record of triumph who are committed for analyzing market trends, strategies and current market scenario. Sunrise Capital impart consultancy and research based investment services and solutions with value added services, managing risk and capital to ensure efficient financial development.


Sunrise Capital is performing productive role in capital market with its extensive experience and critical analysis. We have positive and unmatched role in the market with responsibility by providing fair trading policy services and strong management. These factors support in providing unmatched service to the client and in contributing as a prestigious brokerage house in Pakistan.


As Sunrise Capital believes client success to be our own success, every client associated with us is focused and endow with best research, and analyzed investment assistance which meet their expectations. We apply all our resource to meet the information requirement of our prestigious clients.


Sunrise Capital has internal ethical values maintain the high level of integrity standards to build and retain client’s confidence. For minimum risk, Sunrise Capital has internal ethics values which includes proscribe on proprietary trading, client´s identify, and other side of client´s trade. Sunrise Capital confidently proclaim a concrete wall between its primary and secondary desk and no self exposure to dealing and operational areas, prohibiting trading for all employees.